Thursday, November 2, 2017

Preview: Tyranid Stratagems

Today the Warhammer community has previewed a few stratagems for us from the new codex.  These are nice and make me eager to see the rest of the bunch.

Feeder Tendrils

This stratagem is good for genestealers, lictors, toxicrenes or venomthropes.  If they kill a character you can spend a command point(CP) to get D3 points back.  It will be a nice bonus. The worst would be just getting your CP back while the best would be getting 2 CP.

Psychic Barrage

For this Stratagem to work you need 3 groups of zoanathropes with at least 3 models in each all within 6" of one of the units.  They get to choose a spot 18" on the field and every unit within 3" suffers 3d3 mortal wounds on a 4+.  Units of 10 or more are hit on a 3+ and characters are hit on a 5+.  While this is powerful it takes a lot of planning and zoanathropes to pull this off. I would think your opponent might want to focus the zoanathropes down target so you couldn't do this. Seeing that I don't have even half of those models, I doubt I will ever do this.

Pathogenic Slime

This Stratagem makes one of your Tyranid monsters shooting attacks more deadly.  This ups the damage of its attacks by one for the shooting phase. Since it is for the phase, gun beasts like the exocrine and tyranofex get the bonus on both volleys of shots.  That makes these guys meaner on the field.


This is a Gorgon stratagem that gives one unit with toxin sacs additional damage on wound rolls of 5+ instead of 6+.  I never saw the need for toxin sacs.  By the time you put them on a unit the bonuses usually are not as good as just putting out more bodies. If I ever do, this will be a nice bonus.

The Deepest Shadow

Kronos units have the ability to use this stratagem. When a psyker tries to manifest a power within 24" of this unit they can only use one die for the test. This is handy if they are within the shadow of the warp as well which does D3 mortal wounds to the caster on a failed test. This could be a good combination.

Caustic blood

The last one makes the enemy pay for killing models from a unit in the fight phase.  For each model lost, roll a die and on a 6 the enemy that inflicted the final wound suffers a mortal wound.  It is like giving out a mini death throws to a unit.  Let that unit of death company wade into your gaunts.  This should help out those bugs to enact some revenge or their killers.  With tervigon support, you might be able to bring them back to fight some more as well.

*edit removing the last paragragh Dang it GW proofread before you post*
The last thing I picked up was that when they were talking about termagants they said a 40 strong block.  This would mean that they are upping the max size of a termagant unit.  Wow that is a huge meat shield for someone to eat through.  We will see how well it will work out though.

Tomorrow they said they were going to talk about the units themselves.  I am eager to see what they spotlight!

Questions? Comments? Nom nom noms?