Tuesday, November 7, 2017


Next month is the Shorehammer Highlander tournament where I am bringing orks to throw down the gauntlet.  Since it is only one of each unit I have to bring gretchin to fill out my troops slot.  This means I have to paint gretchin.
I have never had any use for these guys they just seam to die with little effort.  I am hopping to hide them from sight most games and hopefully don't give out an early first blood.

Painting these guys was kind of fun. they have a lot of character but there is not a lot to paint.

Another bonus to painting these is now I can have painted grot gunners for my mek guns.  Now they have a minium of 5 grots per gun.  I can field 2 completely painted guns.  Not sure why I was draging my feet so much.

The last thing I need for my army that I know of is the Runtherder for these little guys.  Later this week I will get the army together and make sure all are painted up.

I thought I would work on another marine before calling it a night.

The Primaris Inceptor is a cool model.  I thought it needed a little pop so I added the bronze cowl.  I need to add some highlights, some wash, and the dark grey joints but he is almost ready for action.