Monday, May 5, 2014

WIP: basing

This weekend I finally got my flock out and started to finish up some of my models.  I am the laziest when it come to doing finishing a model so I tried to do a big batch of guys.

First up I have my Exocrines.  One is the GW model and the other is my custom one. 

I orginally made him to be a tryanofex since I hated the skinny look of the GW model but he looks so close to an exocrine that I am going to keep him as one.  Maybe in the future I will swap out the middle set of arms to make it look more like the GW one and do a repaint but I have enough on my plate for now.

Next up is the tyrant guard.

I have some work on the rocks on the bases to finish up then I can put these guys away.  I know the carapace needs highlighting as well... we will see.  the front one does look a lot better than the other 2... damn.

Next up is the Warriors I have been working on.
Again carapace highlighting.  I think 95% of my nids need it.  still I like the way these guys turned out.

The last of my completed Tyranids are a biovore and a pyrovore.

I am still going to use the pyrovore as a biovore since he looks cool and I am never going to use a pyrovore.  Although I did pick up a 4th so now I can do 2 squads of 2 instead of 1 squad of 3 if I want.

The last of the basing I did was some IG (or I guess now AM) heavy weapon teams.
one needs some touch ups on the grass but over all they are done and I can finally put them away.

On the back burner I based coated my 4th biovore, 3 psykers from AM and some deathmarks from the necrons. So while I am not getting a lot of gaming in I am getting some hobby time in.  nothing like spending som quality time with my better half while she watches her shows and I get some painting done.

Until next time...

Questions? Comments? Nom nom noms?