Wednesday, May 7, 2014

WIP: More shotgun style work.

Again I was all over the place.  I wanted something to carry my warriors and biovores in, had a couple of hormaguants to fix, started working on my 3rd (or forth if you count the pyrovore) different edition biovore and lastly I finished up a warrior (except flocking... damn grass.) I also got in a couple of games of Zombies: Keep Out with my wife.   On to the models.

First off the transport for warriors, guards, and biovores are hard to come by.  I used to have a shoe box but now that they are painted (not very well but what can you do) I want to have a little more protection.  So with a little foam an extra box from the exocrine and some hot glue I have this:

It is no battlefoam but I think it will hold my guys fairly well I might even add some more foam in some of the white space to give them more protection.  All in all not bad for a couple of bucks of foam.  Much better than loose in a shoebox.

Next up is a couple of hormaguants that broke off their base when I was in my car crash.

 I decided to make they jumping so used a nail to prop them up.  I think the left one looks a little better but I am pleased with both.  I would like shorter stands but I used what I had and I don't have a way of trimming the nails. If anyone has any ideas let me know. Some people say brass rods but I never found a spot to buy them for a reasonable price.

Next up is my Biovore.  I knew there was a 3rd sculpt for this guy.

It so happens that when I way buying the others I had made an offer on this guy and it just took the seller a while to accept it. Now my family will be complete. 

My last model is my warrior.

I was determined to finish the painting on him with all the edge highlight and washing and touch ups. I will probably add in the grass today.  I thought I would be done with these guys but I realized the other 2 don't have highlight... Damn.

looking at my painting I think I have come a long way.  Here is a shot of my prime done about midway through my collecting and a shot of my broodlord who is from the start of my painting.

Sure I am still heavy handed with the brush but man what a difference a wash and highlight make.

Lastly I want to talk about Zombies: Keep Out.
It is a fun little game that is a co-op game.  The idea is we are little bodgers (goblins) and we are fighting off a zombie horde.  You take turns first moving zombies then working to complete contraptions to win the game.

While this is possible to play with 2 players I think 4-6 players would be better. I like it better than a trivia game and since it is co-op we don't have that me vs her feeling.

Well that is all for now.  I want to try to get a game in tonight. I am going to the Games Workshop store hoping that I can meet some people and be able to get some more regular games.  Epic Loot Comics and Games is not panning out. They have the room but it is hard for an outsider to get some games in.  Most of the time I am just sitting around twiddling my thumbs.  They don have a place where I can work on my hobby if no opponents are there.  At least at GW I can work at their hobby center.  or so I am lead to believe.  I guess I will find out tonight.

Until next time..

Questions? Comments? Nom nom noms?