Wednesday, May 21, 2014

WIP Shoota boyz and Imperial Psyker

On the table this week I thought I would change it up.  With finishing a lot of my current Tyranid models I thought I would give a little love so some of my other armies.

While my tyranids are my favorite horde army, (They look so cool) I also love the orks. While the tau were the first army I got, the orks were the army I started really collecting.  I love these wacky guys. 

If you didn't know most ork armies consist of a ton of boyz.  With the new 6th edition shoota boyz seam to be a better choice.  While most of the time I just use my slugga and choppa boyz and tell my opponent they are shoota boys. This is all fine and dandy for most games but if I am to play in a tournament or a rogue trader type game I am going to need some shoota boys.  I already have a mob of 20 but a second squad would be nice.  I had them built for a while now I just need to hunker down and paint them. so here we are.
Hey where we goin?

look at those toofs

Are those highlights on those muscles?

I might want to drill out the gun barrels... any recomendation on the bit size?
6 down 11 to go. These guys are all done except for basing. Some of you might be wondering why I plan on only doing 17.  the reasons are:

1. I always attach a nob.
2. I always attach 2 big shoota to a squad of 20
3. 20 boys fit in a battlewagon
4. that is how many I have built.

I am sure with the new codex I will have to change up tactics but Boyz are easy to paint.  I already have them built so I might as well paint them. 

Next up Is a psyker from a 3 pack GW offered on their web store.  Since I never had psykers for my guard army I thought I should get some. I will be using these guys as Primaris Psykers.

I highlighted the red with a pink.  I know that is not right.  I need to get a different red to use to highlight.  I like how he turned out I am a little sad that they are metal and with the hands on the head and high collar I really can't do an easy head swap.  look like they are going to have to brave the field without protection.  I really like the eyes...

Anyway, one down and 2 to go. (plus basing)

So that is all I got for now.  I ordered some arms for my custom Exocrine since he took a dive hopefully he will look good with the new additions. I will keep chugging away at my ork boys and finish up these psykers.  I think after that I will work on some heavy weapon teams (I have 2 to paint) or maybe finish up building my ork big gunz.  I should at least finish the last zap gun. 

I hope you liked these.  catch you on the flip side.