Thursday, May 15, 2014

Finished Hive Tyrant!

Last night I finished up the Hive tyrant wings.  Which gives me a playable model if I want the winged tyrant with twin-linked devourers. I need to get some of the other options like Scything talons and bonesword and lash whip magnetized but over all I am happy with the out come.

The leson I have learned is that going from the army painter base is a lot easier and quicker than just a sraight black.  Also I think that I need more powerful magnets to hold up the wings. These will work for now but I can see me being frustrated the more they fall off. It does help them not break as easily.

My harpy is my next big project.  I think I will finish all the other little sid projects before tackling him though.  After that is my second winged tyrant which is the newer plastic kit.  He still needs some magnets before painting.

One Day I would love to get one of the old tyrants and convert him to have wings and some jumping legs.  I think he would be cool.
I just need to find someone willing to part with this old model reasonably cheap.  With 2 tyrants and a Swarmlord I don't see me spending a lot for another one. 

That is all for today. Hope you liked it.

Questions? Comments? Nom nom noms?