Friday, May 9, 2014

WIP: Biovore. Wrapping up a week.

Last night me and the misses watched a couple of movies and I decided to get a little painting done.  I finished up my last biovore and then started on the venomthrope.

This is my first truly finished biovore with highlighting and everything.

I like this version better than the first version but less than the latest version.  The gun on him is a bit stumpy but overall he is a cute little guy.  Ready to volley some death across the field. 

I think I need to take a day with my highlight brush and my green paint and just highlight all the stuff I have "finished" the last couple of weeks.  Just looking at the transport II made to carry these guys I see 7 out of 10 guys needing this attention.  I probably could knock it out in an hour.... drat.

Moving forward I started work on my second venomthrope.  this one is finecast.  While I hate how it is so easy to bend I like painting and assembling finecast more than metal.  Plus it doesn't chip like metal.
I thought about using a ravener bottom for this guy since he tends to droop to the side often.  I think he is okay for now but if I have any more trouble with him look for that conversion happening.Usually at this stage I am halfway done but with all those tentacles I would say I am only a third done. Another night's worth of work and he will be ready to help keep my bugs safe.  Yea Shrouding!

That is all from me this week.  I found out that the Games workshop is only open till 7.  not good for us working types to get a game in.  Oh well.  I will try Epic Loot again. I just miss the efficiency of Fantasy Books and Games.  I guess you just can't go home again.

Have a good weekend.

Questions? Comments? Nom nom noms?