Tuesday, April 29, 2014

WIP Anrakyr, scion, and tyranid warrior oh my.

I am back in my home town so I went to my favorite game shop Fantasy Books and Games.  I found out that on Tuesdays they have a friendly beginners league where they focus on having fun, working on the hobby side of the game and getting a handle of the rules.  I thought this sounded like fun so I am planning on going there tonight.

Tonight is bring a HQ and 2 troops night.  This is why I decided to work on Anrakyr.  I have the model and as Necron warlord go he is pretty fluffy.  I have a feeling that his 3+ save will not do him any good but oh well it is just for fun and friendly.

Here is a couple of shots.

He is ready to go. I wish I had my flocking for him but a plain base will have to be good enough.

Next up was my Scion.  I got a box of these hoping that there would be more than one version for each special weapon in the box but I should have known better.  The kit is cool and has a ton of detail.  Here is the Volley gun guy. 

Now that I see these guys I am sure I am keeping my storm troopers that I already have.  I might use the heads for my sergeants and company commanders  They are very cool and would help to distinguish them from the rest of my army.  Then again why fix something not broke.  I will make a scion command squad out of these guys.  I just have to figure out my load out...

Last of all I did some more work on my Warrior.  I touched up all the blue on him so all that is left is his claws.  Then it is a quick wash and highlight and he is done.
I am liking these guys more and more.

Seeing that I didn't get to play any games this month with my Necron they are going to roll over and I will use them again next month.  Hopefully I will get a game or two next month.

Sorry about the mediocre pictures.  I am away from home and to be honest I should try to set something up to take better photos. One day I will make my light box. Until then I will continue with the bad pics.
Questions? Comments? Nom nom noms?