Friday, April 11, 2014

WIP: They came back...

Last night I had some more time to work on my hobby so I continued to to work on my Necrons.

First off I wanted to fix The traveler's warscythe.  I plan on using him as an overlord since I usually don't use the character.

 Much better than the U shaped fine cast one.

Next up I pieced together a new lord model.  I think it might be a bit oddly proportioned but once painted it should look ok.

Looking at my wraiths I noticed one was missing some legs so I scrounged around and got most of the correct ones.  The last ones I used were from a tomb spyder. If I didn't say anything no one would notice.

I also magnetized the gun for the Annihilation Barge.

I also repaired a ghost ark that lost most of it's guass array. Onle of them is held on by just one piece instead of the 2 . I might go back and try to green stuff it to look more in place.

Lastly I started to build a box of deathmarks.  This will round out my squad to the max of 10 or give me 2 squads of 5.  I got these guys a while back at a bazaar and they have been sitting boxed up for quite a while.
As you can see I got to the dreaded arm stage.  I always get a bunch of superglue on my fingers at that stage.

So my Necrons are shaping up. I think I need another scythe to fill out the army.  But that is for another day.

Have a good weekend.

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