Monday, April 21, 2014

WIP: Biovores almost done...

Over the weekend I had a little time to work on my biovores. They are almost complete needing some highlighting and their bases finished.

First some individual shots. Here is big daddy AKA pyrovore.

Next up is momma...

finally baby biovore..

Now some shots of the family.

with this I can field the Living Artillery Node if I want and not take up my heavy support slot up in my FOC.  I need to look at different lists that include the dataslate and ones that don't just in case people don't want to play against it.

I need to paint up the bases and then get some glue so I can flock them then they will be ready.  I should also paint up some spores so they will be ready for when I miss.

 Over all I like how they turned out.  If I have too much trouble with the pyrovore I will replace him with another cheap biovore.  Maybe the 3rd edition one so I have one of each.

Until next time..

Questions? Comments? Nom nom noms?