Thursday, April 17, 2014

WIP: More bug!

Yeasterday I posted pics of my new biovore brood and it was pointed out that the big one is actually a pryrovore.  I feel so silly.  I would never use one of those in a game (they are so bad) I always thought they looked a lot cooler than the silly little biovores.  Normally I would shrug and be ok with it and just let my opponent know that it is a biovore.

So should I keep using him or do you think I will be disqualified in any tourney that I play in for not being WYSIWYG.  Maybe I should ask my local game shop what they think.  I really don't want to shell out another $20 for these guys.

Also I noticed that the old one was on a square base and the newer onw was on a 40mm but GW says that it comes with a 60mm base. All the images I see of them are on a 40mm so which is it? Will it matter.  Do people accuse others of cheating if you use a larger base?

While I tried to get in a game, I couldn't find an opponent.  I did get some more work done on my exocrine though.

I need to paint up the claws and spikes and finish up the base.  Then I can give him a wash and start adding some highlights. With a little work he will be ready to go by the end of the week.

Oh I have another question for you guys... as you can see the chimneys on this guy are green.  I am wondering if I should keep them like this I noticed that almost everyone paints the chimneys the same color while most of the time I didn't specifically on the large creatures. So which is better?  I think I will have to go green which means a lot of touch ups ;-)