Wednesday, April 16, 2014

WIP: artillery bugs

After several months of the new codex, a lot of players have been loving using a group of biovores.  Seeing that GW want $42 for one model I just never could bring myself to buying them. $120 is not in my budget for something I am not sure of.

My friend from Team Snake Eyes, Chosen1, was at Adepticon and was gracious enough to look through the bits guy's boxes for me and found the original model for only $7.   So one down. I also was patient on Ebay and found the second generation for $18 and the most recent metal version for $20.  This make a squad of 3 for only $45.  Not bad takes up my full monthly budget but it they work well I will be happy.

Baby, Momma, and Papa
It is cool to see how they have evolved over the years.  I would love to get an old metal tyrant as well but they usually are out of my price range and I have 2 and a custom swarmlord already that are not fully painted.  Maybe when my army is finished I can try to get one.

I took had to add bases to gen 1 and 2 models since they are now on 60mm then I gave them a fresh basecoat.

Papa from the otherside

Momma's good side

Momma bad side.
Then I got to work on baby biovore.
Aww ain't he cute

Look! he want to play!
He needs to be higlighted and based but after that I am happy with him.

While I was basing these guys I thought I would base up a few of my other guys.  Since I was working on these Artillery bugs I thought I would add in my other shooter bug. The new Exocrine.
I am a little disappointed I didn't get the right shade of army painter to make painting easier but it is a good base to work from.  I thought I would finish up his undercoat and bam!

He is looking good. Next up is all the light grey so I can add the green to his carapace. I still get to paint his head and arms but it is a great start.  I hope to have him done before May when I will actually use him.  I have so many bugs in transition.  It is nice to finish some of them.

Well that is all for now.  Tonight I plan on working with some Necrons.  Hopefully they will bring me a win.

Questions? Comments? Nom nom noms?