Thursday, May 28, 2020

New Gun for Warriors

The dust is settling on the big new of 9th edition of 40K and the preview of the new Necrons.  I am excited for all the new stuff coming especially the Skorpekh Lord.
the new Skorpekh Lord

Amidst all the fanfare, we also found out that the humble Necron Warrior is getting a new model.  With this update we also found out they are getting a new weapon choice.

This gun reminds me of a shorter Immortal Gauss Blaster.

I had some bits laying around so I thought I would try a conversion.

I think it is a good representation of the new gun. We have not heard if this gun is a special weapon in a squad or if a whole squad can use them.  I think if you only get a few in a box I might just convert a few more like this and call it a day but if the whole squad gets them I will probably just buy some new warriors.

What do you think? Is this conversion good enough for a tournament or would my opponents have grounds for complaint?