Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Mortifier finished

I continued to work through my backlog of Sisters of Battle.  Today I have my second Mortifier finished.

My first Mortifier was the Anchorite, the leader of the squad.  This time, I painted one of the base unit.

This model is a bit gritty but I like it.  A big engine of death making the rider pay for her sins can be or should be a bit gritty.

With this one done, all I have left of my walkers is the Penitent Engine (PE). I am debating whether or not I should try to convert it into a Mortifier before painting it or just leave it as is. In friendly games I can use it as a counts as a Mortifier but if I am going to take these to a tournament, I will need to run it as a PE since that is what it is. A lot of people won't know the difference or won't even care but I don't want to take a chance.  I have some time before I need to paint him so I will think it over.  What do you think?

Questions? Comments? The Emperor protects!.