Friday, May 15, 2020

Back to the Sisters

So after a brief respite, I am back painting Sister.  I decided to finish the three regular sisters I had left.

All Three are equipped with special weapons.  The first has a stormbolter. She also is the only model I have come across that had the little medallions on her shoulders.  I am wondering if this is meant for the Celestian? 

I am still not 100% loving the contrast paints.  Sometimes they come out looking great, while other times they look splotchy.  It could also be the primer.  I used Testors primer on these models so it might be just a case of incompatibility.

I Need to go back and repaint here rosary. It needs a bit more definition.  After everything is painted, I might go back and get some more sisters to have more stormbolters sisters. A lot of people say they are a cheap way to get more shots downfield.

Next up are two flamers.

With the addition of these two, I think this brings me to a total of 5 flamers.  It might be neat to fill an Immolator with a Dominion squad of flamers for some pure flaming action.  That is a lot of auto hits On the other hand I can have 5 squads with a flamer.  Decisions, decisions, decisions...

I am still using the blue for the flamers.  It stands out on the table and it is easy to quickly see which one has the flamer. 

Looking at the base topper, it looks like it was not a very good imprint.  the pattern just doesn't stand out much.  It is not bad just not as good as the rest.

With these done I go from 35 models down to 32.  I did pick up a rhino though so I am back up to 33.  Still not to bad.  I need to look so see what I want to  work on next.  I hope you all have a good weekend.

Questions? Comments? The Emperor Protects!!!