Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Custom Ork Mekboy Workshop

Friday I received an awesome present from Blockade23: My very own custom Mekboy Workshop. It has become the centerpiece of my table and I love it.

Some old Forgeworld Baracades

Back when GW brought out the mekshop, it had really bad rules. Basically you skipped a turn of doing anything with a model and then it got a slight buff. It was not worth it and I never heard of anyone using it.  With the release of the Ork Psychic Awakening is became the only way to get access to some cool wargear.  Since I didn't have one and my FLGS didn't have one I jokingly suggested Blockade23 make one for me.  And he did.

It is amazing the stuff he builds out of random bit and bobs.  He uses everything from spare bits to circuit boards spare packaging to who knows what.  I am impressed every time he makes something and he has a new use for some random item.

He said I need to finish it since he didn't have the paint to match my bases.  It is funny because I am out of that color as well.  As soon as I get some I will paint it on and complete this work of art.  

Here are the completed pictures

This was such an awesome gift and I thank Blockade23 for the hard work that went into making this.  I will be using it in my Ork lists to soup up all of my vehicles!  

Questions? Comments?  WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!