Friday, May 22, 2020

The last of the Retributors

After my Superiors, I decided to finish my Retributors.  I had two multi-meltas, a heavy flamer and a heavy bolter to paint. 
First off I have my heavy flamer.

I now have two heavy flamers to add to regular squads of Sisters.  I like having them if I have the points but they are the first thing to drop when I need points.

I then moved on to the heavy bolter.  I made sure to paint the barrel Leadbleacher to match the other Heavy Bolters.

This brings me to a total of five heavy bolters.  I can field a full Retributor squad and still have one for a regular squad for camping an objective.

The last two are the multi-meltas.  I am really liking the red guns.  Not only do I think they they stand out really well but they look cool too,.

This brings my total to four multi-meltas. They are ready to get into the Immolator and kick some serious butt.   

So, in total I have eleven different Retributors.  the only option I can field is a full squad of heavy flamers.  I will have to see if I need any other options.  For now this will cover my needs.

From here I am going to work on my Imagifier.  It has been really humid so I have not primed some of my other models.  I do have the other batch of seraphim and three tanks that are ready to go.  We will see where the bind blows me.

Have a good weekend and stay safe.

Questions? Comments?  Dakka dakka pew pew whooooosh!