Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Seraphim Finished

Getting back into the Sisters of battle I decided to do a group of Seraphim.

This set was the one that came with the big box set.  I have the second set of five waiting in the wings for their time to shine.

There are four bolt pistol Seraphim and a Superior with sword and plasma pistol. It is a pretty basic load out.  The plan will be to put two with flamers and two with  inferno pistols.  This way I am ready to run minium squads whichever load out I want.

I went with a green on the plasma pistol.  It is a bit muted so I might want to go back and try to brighten it up.

With these 5 done I only have 35 more models to do.  Getting closer.

Questions? Comments? The emperor protects!