Wednesday, May 27, 2020


I continued to work on my Sisters of battle this time I painted the Imagifier.

I was on the fence on how to paint the icon but I ended up deciding on painting it like all the miniature statues on the vehicles.  A dark gray base, a black wash and a light grey dry brush.

I painted the star pattern with the same technique I use for the armor on the Sisters.  I start with a  bright silver base and layer with  yellow glaze.  

My pot of yellow glaze is getting low and I will have to switch to the yellow contrast soon.  It is a bit darker but not very noticeable. 

After this model I have started to work on my second Seraphim squad.  I am not sure what I will work on after they are done.  The new Ad Mech models are getting close as are those sexy new necrons.

Questions? Comments? The Emperor protects!!