Thursday, April 30, 2020

Fulgurite Electro Priest

 I continued to clear off my shame table by painting up some Fulgurite Electro-priests.  This is the second half of my unit bringing it up to ten. 

I now have a complete painted unit to ride arround in the Skorpius Dunerider.  This unit can be really scary if they kill a unit. When they do they get a 3++ invunerable save, making them pretty durable.  Last time I used them, I had some really bad dice roles and they didn't live up to their potential.  I feel that was more the exception, not the rule. 

While I said they are completely painted, I am fudging it a little. I still have their bases to do but I ran out of Agrellan Earth. So, I will have to wait until the shelter in place order is lifted before they are completely done. I really like how the Gulliman Flesh contrast paint came out. I might switch up on my sisters after seeing the results here.

With these completed, I think I will head back to the Sisters.  I have yet to paint any Seraphim (not counting the one with the bad primer.) Hopefully by next week, I will have them finished and can move on to something else.

Slowly the horde of grey is thinned out. Stay safe out there/

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