Tuesday, April 14, 2020

A Simulacrum Imperialis and a Retributor

Next on my plate was a Sister with a Simulacrum Imperialis and a Retributor with heavy bolter.  This continues my work on Sisters that are built and primed.

 I am not sure how I feel about using the Simulacrum Imperialis.  There have been a couple of games where it was helpful to have but when you are trying to milk every point out of your army those 5 points in each unit can add up.

I decided a while back to go with a dark gray stone for the statues.  I thin the exception will be the Imagifier.  I am still on the fence on her statue.  I can decide among the same color as the sisters armor, the gray like the other statues, or bronze like the battle sanctum.  Let me know what you think.

Next up is a heavy bolter Retributor.

 I have added another detail to the way I paint heavy bolters that I need to go back and do with this model.  I decided to paint the barrel Leadbelcher to give it a little extra pop.  I also might go back and give her another wash on her face to see if I can help add some more definition

I think these sisters have really pushed me to my limits on painting them.  On one hand I can see where a lot of improvement can be made but I am not sure my eyes are good enough to catch all the details and my hand steady enough to paint them.  A part of me wants to go back to paint orks where a shakier hand is not such a big deal.

Stay safe out there.

Questions? Comments? The Emperor protects!