Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Working on an Exorcist and Immolator

I have been working on a couple of my tanks.  I built an Immolator and started to paint one of my Exorcist.

I am not the greatest at building rhino chaises.  No matter how much I try fit them and think they are square they tend to have gaps. This build is better but I still see them.

I like how the guns were done so that it is easy to swap out which ever varriant you want.  In the past, GW had made guns share components so you had to choose or get creative to use all the different types.  With these guns though,  you don't even have to use magnets to hold them in.

I have been finally painting my first Exorcist.   Just like the other vehicles in my collection I wanted to carry over the colors of the army in my tanks. I didn't want to do a lot of the yellow tint so I went with the secondary color: orange.

I am slowly working on trying to make many layers to cover the tank.  I have tonned down the bright Runefang silver on most of the tank and replaced it with Leadbelcher.  I think this lets the parts I do in Runefang shine just a bit more.

I still have quite a bit left to paint.  I have the cockpit left, the flames and a lot of the tiny details to pick out. I am happy with how it is turning out so far. Even with the gaps.

Stay safe out there.

Questions?  Comments? The Emperor protects!!!