Friday, April 24, 2020

Finally Finished

I have finally finished my first Exorcist.  This is the first of three I have to paint up.  I am glad it is done and I can move on to other models.

I added the finishing touches last night.  I did a dry brush over the statues and then added a coat of Nulin Oil to bring it back down.

The wings gut a yellow metal support and Riekland Flesh wash and a Yellow Gitz drybrush on the tips.  I then gave it a coat of Holo top coat to bring it in line with Celestine. My wife really liked the way it turned out.

I really like the way the contrast paints work on the wood grain.  I think it is a nice touch.  I have to glue in the backpack on the driver.  I am not sure when it fell off but it is an easy fix.  Since the picture doesn't do it justice here is a quick video that shows the sparkle.

With this done I can move on to some more sisters or maybe take a break and do some other army for a bit.  I have not decided yet. Hope you have a good weekend and stay safe out there.

Questions? Comments? The Emperor protects!