Thursday, April 23, 2020

Sister Repentia and more Exorcist

I took a small break from power armor to work on one of the four Repentia from the collectors box. It is not my best work but will look ok on the battlefield.

With this much orage I might need to go back and add some highlights to break up the solid color.

I will have eleven more to build before I have finished them all.  In that time I hope to improve the look and details.

I did some work on my exorcist.  Keeping the theme started with Celestine I did the blend on the wings and when done they will get the sparkle treatment.

While I had the yellow and red paints out I painted up the flames on the exhaust.  I will go back and get the metal painted to finish them. I still have the cockpit area and several details to paint up before calling this guy done.

I will soon be switching to more Sisters once the exorcist is finished.  There is just so much detail.

Stay safe out there.

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