Friday, April 3, 2020

Finished Sisters

Even with the quarantine, I have not had a lot of time to paint any models.  I was able to finish three Sisters of Battle.  I also did some work on the Anchorite and I painted a Seraphim which I quickly stripped to be painted again. 

The first sister I finished was a heavy flamer Sister.  I think I mentioned this before but I chose blue for the tips because my wife suggested that the sisters might use a hotter blue flame to burn the heretics.  I like blue so went for it.

I really only need something to make it stand out on the map so I can easily recognize the model.  With the blue tips, that is not a problem.

The next two models are Sister Superiors.

This first one is equipped with the standard bolter and chain sword.  Like with the bolter, I decided to paint the non-moving parts on the sword black.  I like how this has turned out.  I am going to continue this throughout the army. 

There is so much detail on these models. My smallest brushes are getting a work out.

The second Superior model has a combi-plasma.  Ususally my plasma guns are blue, but since my flame weapons are blue I felt I need a different color.  I went with green this time but I might go back and do blue.  It is a bit weird that all my other armies (marines, guard, admech) use blue plasma and the sisters use green. 

I also like the halo on this model.  It makes it easier to pick her out of a crowd.  I might add this to a Sister Superior if she is not equipped with a sword and gun.

With these done I moved onto working on the Anchorite.

I carried over the blue flamers on her as well.  I want to clean up some more of the detail before calling her done but she is getting close.

The last model I did was a Seraphim.  I knew I was gambling that it was too humid to prime but did it any way.  I was fooling me self while painting thinking it wouldn't be that noticable.  In the end I striped this model and 9 others that were just as bad.  Hopefully once repaired I can try to prime them correctly and I can paint her again.

That is all I have done.  Painted 3+ models and striped 10.  At least I learned I need to be patient when priming.

Questions? Comments? The emperor protects!