Wednesday, January 31, 2018

LVO: thoughts and pictures

Hello All! I am back from the Las Vegas Open (LVO) and I completed all three of my goals. Today's post I will talk about and show two of my goals. In this post will be a lot of images of just a few armies I saw as well as some of the wargaming celebrities.


I will start off with the wargaming famous personalities that I saw. Early in the day I saw Reese from Front Line Gaming. Since this is his convention it is no surprise. I also saw Wargamer Girl Miranda talking with Quirk. I later caught up too Quirk during the day. He was well into his game so I didn't bother him. Atom Smasher from Tabletop Minnions was also walking about the vendor area. I was said I didn't see The Glacial Geek or Dave from MiniWarGaming but it was a big place.

Most of the time I would just give them a respectable distance. I tend to be a bit shy and don't want to be a bother. I actually played against Dave though so I felt more comfortable approaching him. He is a great guy on top of it. Unfortunately I did not see him.


There were a lot of cool looking armies. I tried to take pictures of unique armies. There was a bunch of variation from Dark Eldar to Guard to Tyranids to chaos. There was even a few orks roaming around. What surprised me was the amount of fire raptors. I know the model is cool and strong but there were a few multiple fire raptor armies. The most I saw was five in one army. Crazy.

If that is not crazy I also saw a bunch of baneblade chassis. They also came in pairs or more. At least it would make your travel pretty light.

Display board showing off magnetic flightstands

More flight stands

Lots of knight against....

a Custodes army

Putarabo with iron guard

Great paint job on this knight

Saw a few Dark Eldar

Nom nom nom


the freehand on this was awesome

2 Malceptors! I never seen one!

interesting biovores

5 nurgle fire raptors!!!

3 scythed heirodules. They had tanks for bases!

4-5 flyers plus a bomber! poor orks :(

There you have it. My next post I will talk about what I got from the vendor area.

Questions? Comments? Viva Las Vegas