Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year everybody.  The old year has past and we start 2018 a new.  As I have done the past few years, I want to plan out some projects to help guide me through my hobby life in 2018. Let's not dilly dally and hop right into them!

Primaris Marines

The "Tale of X Gamers" event continues into the new year.  For that alone, I have a squad of aggressors, a repulsor tank, and the fire raptor. Along side that, I will also have twenty intercessors, three lieutenants, three reivers, an ancient, a squad of hellblasters, and the redemptor dread conversion.  I will probably want an apothecary, a chaplain and/or another repulsor tank.  This will probably keep me busy through April.   I might take a break from them after the event is over or work on other armies in between squads. I love that paint scheme but I need a break.


For Christmas I got the orc faction for Shadespire.  I think this will be a nice little diversion for me if I can find the time to play a few games.  There are only four models to paint so the hobby part should go quickly.


I want to make some more terrain so I can switch up my board at home.  It would also be nice to have a second board to play on if more people want to come over.  I suspect I will be taking pointers from Blockade on terrain building as well as looking at my own rock outcroppings posts.

Genestealer Cult

I need a second Primus for the cult.  I also think that I want some more acolytes and aberrants since the metamorphs are not as good as they were.  I hope the new codex will help bring them back up to their previous strength. Right now they feel a bit under-powered.


My immediate plans for the tyranids is a box of genestealers.  I want to get some models with acid maws and I want to bulk out my numbers.  I think forty is about right. I am not sure what else I need.  I might try a few venomthropes instead of the malanthrope.  I still think the malanthrope is a nice addition with synapse and the minus one to hit bubble.  I alos have two more carnifexes to paint up.

Imperial Guard

Looking at what I have for the guard I think I might want to pick up a wyven or some ogryns.  This is very low on my list.  As for what I already own that needs work, I have two Valkyries and several scions to paint up. Since vets are no longer troops, I think I will have more scions in my army to do the heavy lifting.


I would love to get more tau done this year.  I think finishing up three squads of troops, the ghostkeel and some crisis suits is not too much to ask. If I want to be a good boy maybe I should throw in a couple of hammerheads as well.

Rail Raiders

I got this game last year and have not played it yet.  I would love to sit down with my wife and just learn to play it.  Maybe I could have a few people over to try it out.  I can even start painting the miniatures so the board will be colorful and fun. I would hate to go a year with out even trying it out.

Sisters of Battle

I have not forgotten this army either.  I need to work on them this year.  I only have maybe fifty models to paint so it should not take me long. I just need to stay motivated to do so.  I am also hoping that they will get a codex with a return of the repressor.  If anything, I will need to decide on a exorcist model.  When I have that, I can look at what to do as an immolator or rhino. I know for sure I don't want that organ.


For orks this year, I am hoping to do a warboss in mega armor conversion using a hellbrute model.  I also am thinking I want a morkanaut.  For painting, I have my ten tankbusters and a trukk to finish as well as a handful of grots.  Of course, I can't forget the grot mega tank.  I think the patchwork colors took its toll on me and sucked all motivation right out.   Hopefully I can get back on track this year.

Ad mech

For the ad mech this year I plan on getting the hoplites kit to add to my ad mech.  I also want to finish painting up my peltasts. I also am looking at more kastellan robots and maybe some breachers or priests to round out the list.


Last on my list this year are the space robots. I plan on doing some flayed one conversions.  I planed to do them last year but never got around to it.  hopefully this year I will. Other than that I don't have much planned.

there you have it, my 2018 new year resolutions.  Of course they are subject to change.  Games Workshop might actually make a non chaos or marine model, I might find a new game to play, or I forgot something when making this list. Whatever I do, I am hoping to beat my output for last year.

Questions? Comments? Happy New Year!