Saturday, December 30, 2017

SHowcase: Primaris Intercessors

For my final post of the year I have my "Completed" Intercessors. 

I call them "Completed because I didn't notice that I didn't finis up the guns.I needed to add a dry brush to all of them.  Three had details to finish and one had seals to paint. I didn't notice till I cropped my photos and I am to lazy to reshoot. I did finish the details though.

This squad either gives me two five man squads or a single ten man squad.  While they are in my army they are not part of the event.  I will need to keep that in mind when I play next.

With these guys finished my total for the year was 109 models.  Not bad with the move and all.  I am hoping next year I hope to do more. Have a safe and happy New Year.  I will see you then!

Question? Comments? Cawls will be done!