Monday, December 11, 2017

Showcase: Primaris Inceptors

Over the weekend I had some time to finish up my Inceptors. I love the look of these heavy bolter wielding jump troops.  They went pretty quickly. 
I learned my lesson from the first one I painted on painting the hoses.  This time I added a lighter base coat before adding the yellow.  I think they turned out pretty well with only 2 coats instead of 5.

Both of these guys came off their flight stands.  They just didn't want to stay on. To fix them I decided to of a bit overboard and I took out my drill. I made holes in their backs that fit the width of the stand and glued them in.  I find this a more secure fitting..

I also finally got a pot of Agrellan Earth. I have started going back to my completed models to  finish their bases.  I need to find my tufts of static grass to give the final touches to the base.  After finishing the bases all I have left is the decals *SHUDDERS*.

To continue the trend of stop procrastinating, I set up my light box so my photos should be more consistent. I might have to play with the white balance a bit more but I am happy to have it back.

I like the pose on this model.  I think it would look great in front of a big Tyranid monster. It is like he is jumping back to get a better angle on the beast.

With these two done, I am finally finished with my started box.  I am working on my elite choice of Reivers. There are a lot of little details on those guys but I think they will go quickly.  I am hoping to have them done and another set of Inceptors done by Janurary so I can be caught up with the other Warlords.

Hope you all have a good week. I might find some time this week to work on my other guys.  Until next time.

Questions? Comments? Cawl's will be done.