Tuesday, December 19, 2017

A New Contributor

One of my friends from the Tabor Warhammer group is a lot like the rest of us. He builds, paints, and plays with his armies. Unlike the rest of us he also enjoys making terrain.  We have been bugging him on making some tutorials  and after much nagging and prodding, he has agreed.  I have offered my Blog to him to use as his own and he has agreed to write up a few posts. 
When I met Blockade23, he had a lesser known chapter of Space Marines: The Crimson Consuls.  They were beautifully done and had a few customizations that made them stand out.  He also had a preadator with a plasma turret that had earned the title Plasma love.  That thing was scary in 7th edition.

so well done

So you say, "no big deal he does the normal hobby like most players." This is true if his army was all he did but it wasn't. He also made several of the terrain pieces that we played on.  He donated them to the group to help fill out the table. He created a campaign for us to play in with stories and special missions.  He has also made a dessert board for his own place and is currently working on a Mars board for the group. I hope he can share his beach board as well since it is beautiful.

rogue psyker from renegades army

As with every gamer he didn't stop with one army.  He is currently building a renegades army.  He currently took these to Shorehammer.  His cultist are from all over.  From genestealers to cultist to ad mech and soon some gangers from necromunda will be finding their way into his army.  He also has a Thousand Sons army that has a converted Nagash’s lieutenant model as a daemon prince.  He always finds ways to make every army special and I look forward to seeing more of his work.

look at that detail! I am jealous

So welcome to the team Blockade23.  I look forward to your first post.  I hope our readers will too.

Questions? Comments? holy cow are we getting a new signoff?