Thursday, January 18, 2018

Looking Ahead

While I fix the repulsor and wait for a nice day to prime it I thought I would get started with my hellblasters.  Seing that I was in a basecoating mood I also laid down the teal on a lt, the ancient and a random intercessor. This got me thinking on how far I have come and how far I still have to go.

Where I Been

So far I have painted two squads of intercessors, two squads of inceptors, a squad of aggressors, a squad of reivers, a squad of hellblasters, a lt and the captain.  All together it is about 1000 points and can only fill a patrol detachment. It is not a bad start. I have a bunch of strength four shooting with a captain and lt for rerolling.  The hellblaster give me some high strength shooting as well as some much needed AP. I really need to put these guys down on the table to see how well they can do.

Where I Am

Right now I am a little over halfway done painting up the models I have for this army.  Next up is the repulsor and another squad of hellblasters.  I will follow this up with more intercessors, lts and the ancient. this will give me more long range, high strength, good ap shooting and another troop to move me into a Battalion Detachment.  This takes me from 4 command point to 6 commmand points.I am hoping by the end of Febuary I will have most of this army painted.

Where I Want to Be

Looking past what I have into what I see past Feburary, I have my centerpiece month.  This is going to be a Fire Raptor. I have wanted one of these models ever since I saw Kabala's night lord's version.  I think it is an awesome model.  From what I have seen it does really well on the table as well.  It will be nice to have some competent air support (looking at you dakka jets) on the table and I think the raptor will bring that.

After the raptor I still have the Redemptor conversion with the dunecrawler legs.  I still don't have the parts needed for this conversion  so I doubt it is coming anytime soon but I do want to do it this year.  I also would like ten more intercessors so I can run full squads if I want.  Lastly I think I need another Repulsor tank.  One is good but two are scary.

Fire Raptor0001
Redemptor Dreadnought0001

This should take me through the first quarter of the year.  I think from here I will look back on my tyranids, orks, and maybe even tau armies.  Who knows maybe by march the Necrons might have a codex and I will get back into playing them.  Only GW knows.

Have a good weekend!

Questions? Comments? pew pew pews!