Thursday, January 4, 2018

Blockade's Goals For the New Year

Hi All!

Blockade here, to share his lovely hobby goals with you all this year. Last year I was on a no-spending year for miniatures in an effort to paint as much as possible. I was successful for 11 months! December, and a new Games Workshop opening near me did me in. Argh! But that's okay, because this year I have the same goal. Paint way more than I purchase (hopefully purchasing nothing, as the budget does not allow for much.)

Fortunately for me, the family, friends and girlfriend got me quite a lot of hobby crack for Christmas, so I have plenty to work on. The kanban board is pretty full, between the Thousand Sons 30k army that is no where near assembled, much less built, and the Black Templars Hive Helsreach Force that I plan on adding to my Arcadian 4th Mechanized Regiment.

So here's my Holiday Haul, so to speak.

10 Reivers
1 Assassin (sword one, I always forget the name)
1 Taurox
5 Thousand Sons Scarab Occult Terminators (40k, not 30k)
1 Primaris Chaplain
Open War Cards
Imperial Guard (Astra Militarum) DataCards
Two Chaos Cultist sets (from Assassins Board Game)
Primaris Ancient with Standard
Primaris Captain in Gravus Armor

Other Purchased Goodies
3 Easy Assemble Intercessors
10 Dark Imperium Intercessors
3 Bullgyrns 

Fortunately we had a snow day, so I was able to assemble quite a chunk!

 Primaris HQs and Elites (Green ones were gifts from Grenn Dal himself!)
 My Counts-As Chaplain Grimaldus - still debating whether to run him as a Primaris Chaplain or as Grimaldus himself. Other than bullet holes and battle damage, I replaced Pimp-Cane with a piece from the old Mechanicus Sector Building kit - makes a real looking Crozius.

 Darn fiddly bits on this one here!

 The three easy build intercessors - lovely kit, looks much better with battle damage. Just some judicial application of hobby knife and drill bit.

 Now the Taurox. Love the kit - fits together beautifully. Not going to go with the provided tracks, rather I purchased a conversion kit that makes it appear more like a Half-Track. Left the top off so I can paint the insides. Excited to use this kit, especially in the Highlander tournament at Shorehammer!

 Bullgryns - Planning on using the large brute shields as I add them to my 4th Arcadian force.
 I was in such a hobby mood I knocked together another Contemptor Dreadnaught. I already have two others for my Crimson Consuls Chapter, but this will join my Black Templars Force, giving them some much needed anti-tank power.
 I love the Reiver Kit. The usefullness of all the bits and bobs is awesome!Plus I figure these guys plus the special rules of the Templars and Chaplain will add create an awesome strike unit to balance the guard's sit back and blow stuff up abilities.

Finally, a bit of progress for my poor Thousand Sons - A Primus Medicae I picked up at some point (or was it given to me?) Unsure. 

Otherwise, Blockade over and out!