Saturday, January 20, 2018

#Squaduary Pledge

So, it has been brought to my attention that February has been deemed Squaduary.  This is Similar to Dreadtober but Squaduary is a pledge to finish a whole squad in one month instead of a dreadnought. I could just use my pledge for the "Tales of X Warlords" league, the hellblasters, but since I already started on them and could be almost finished with them before the month starts, I decided that for my pledge for Squaduary will be a brood of fourteen genestealers.

For Christmas, I got a duplicate shadespire box and my FLGS was kind enough to let me exchange it for store credit.  With that credit, I picked up a box of genestealers. I have been wanting some ore genestealers since the new codex came out.  I like the new acid maw biomorph with these eight I can actually be WYSIWYG which will help me remember that I actually have them. I went through my bit box and found six of the heads along with the two the set comes with I can give all eight of them the biomorph. This will allow me to run the max amount of acid maws for 32 genestealers.

I have four more stealers from the two overkill boxes I got, bringing me up to twelve.  The overkill stealers are a throwback to the second edition genestealers. The back on these models have more of a muscle look over the standard rigid skin. I thinking I might want to paint them up differently.  Instead of painting the entire back dark blue, I might try to paint this part a light blue like the skin color of my cult.  Doing this will provide another link between the two armies as well as break up all that dark blue that covers most of the stealer's body.

The last two are stealers I found broken and forgotten in my bits box when I was looking for the acid maw heads. I have replaced the arms they were missing but they still need to be stripped and have their bases extended.  Hopefully, I can get them stripped before the break in the weather closes and I can prime them along with the other twelve. These two brings the squad to 14 will bring my total genestealer count to 34.

34 genestealers gets me two large squads of 17, each with a max amount of four acid maws. I will need at least six more so I can run two full broods of genestealers. In the end I think this brood will be a nice pledge for Squaduary.  What do you think? Are your going to pledge anything for Squaduary?

Questions? Comments? Nom nom noms?