Friday, January 26, 2018

Breaking News: Xenos codexes incoming!

So among other drops Games Workshop has release news about the next few codexes coming out.  All three are for Xenos armies.

The Tau, Necrons, and Dark Eldar are slated to get their 8th edition codex.  While I don't have any dark Eldar I do own the other two.  I am excited to see how their each codex with bring the army up to par with the rest of the codex armies.

Right now the Tau have been hurting.  I am looking forward to seeing some command point shenanigans to help them survive more.  I would expect a in cover rule for one faction, hopefully a re-roll or better ballistic skill in another. It would be nice to have the buff-mander back so we can stop seeing the 8 commander armies.  There is no news about a new model but I wouldn't completely rule one ont.  

I am looking forward to the Necron codex.  I don't own the index for them so I have been chopping at the bit for this codex to come out.  It will be interesting to see what they get as well.  We already seen the canoptek units get reanimation protocols through a stratagem.  Maybe there will be ways for making those roles better on top of the cryptek.  Speaking of the cryptek there will be a new model for him.  This is nice since the last one was finecast. Maybe he will be a new named character and since he has a spyder buddy he has some special rules to effect just the canoptek units.  I am just guessing.  

Finally the other news is that we are getting mini-knights. These look like a cross between a knight and a ironstrider.  I love the look and might add one to my Ad Mech army. I am wondering where their weapons fall in to the power level.  It looks like it has a similar load out to a Errant with the sword and melta cannons.  I wonder if it will be similar in cost.  I will say I love the legs more on these knights more than the original ones.

So a nice little surprise today.  It wasn't the announcement of a new primarch but there is still two days of the LVO left.  I am happy with the release.  This leaves only my Orks and Genestealer Cult without a codex.  Hopefully they are not too far behind.

Questions? Comments? Pew pew pews!