Thursday, January 25, 2018

Viva Las Vegas

This weekend I will be heading to Vegas for the Las Vegas Open. My wife and I scheduled this trip as the same time as the open it is more of a weekend getaway than a convention trip. With that being said, I still plan to go to the LVO for one day.  I have a few goals while I am there.

First of all, the 40k tournaments are all multi-day events so I will not be participating in any of those. Instead I can browse the tables and look at all the cool armies that are being played.  I find it is easier to get a feel for what is popular by looking at the tables than reading a review. Hopefully I can get some decent pictures.

Next up,  I am hoping to see some 40k Celebrities.  I hear some guys from MiniWargaming (MWG), Dave, Quirk and the new marketing guy, will be there as well as Ducan from Games Workshop.  It will be cool to see Dave again and say hi. I would also like to see if not meet the Glacial Geek, Phil.  I watch his channel almost as much as MWG.

Last up, I plan to browse the vendor hall. I need to add to my convention dice.  I like the convention vendor hall since a lot of the times  online vendors will have a booth. At the Nova Open Tectonic Craft Studios was there with some MDF terrain. I got my Tau Aegis defense line from Mr. Dandy at Adepticon.  Maybe at the LVO some of the other MDF companies like Tabletop Scenics or CNC scenery will be there and I I can shop without having to worry about the huge shipping costs.

Speaking of shipping,  Forgeworld is said to have a booth there.  While I was not planning to order anything (just got my fire raptor) I can take advantage of avoiding shipping for some of the items I have been keeping an eye on.

So while I won't be playing (except maybe a demo or two) I do have a day planned out.  I will try to tweet out some pics from the day as well as have a write up for you guys early next week.

Have a good weekend!

Questions? Comments? Viva Las Vegas!