Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Shadespire: Bonekutta

While I waited for the temperature to warm up enough for priming my Aggressors, I decided to paint my Shadespire miniatures.  I started batch painting them but quickly changed to focusing on one.  The result is a finished Bonekutta.

These orcs are Ironjawz and typically that means yellow armor.  I really don't like yellow so I decided to paint them with Model Air Artic Blue.  This is the same metallic blue I use on my necrons.  I like the look more than a flat blue . The blue an copper went so well on my flash gitz I thought I would try it here.

The blood stain on the reivers weapons was so well recieved that I thought I would add it to Bonekutta axe as well. I feel it adds a bit of flavor to the model.

I still have to finish up the other three.  The weather broke so I had time to prime the Aggressors and since they are this month's pledge I will finish them first before going back to the orcs.  I should have time to go back and finish these as well when the Agressors are done.

I am hoping to try a game of Shadespire soon.  My FLGS just posted that they run demos all the time so maybe I nned to stop in and try it out.  After that, if I like it,  I can try to find others to play against. 

Have a great week!

Questions? Comments? Whhhhhaaaaaaggggghhhhhh!