Thursday, February 1, 2018

LVO Haul

Last post I talked about two out of my three goals for the Las Vegas Open (LVO). Today I want to talk about the vendors and what I ended up taking home with me.

First up was Tectonic Craft Studios.  He deal with many different MDF products.  He has bases, inserts, trays, paint organizers, and many other products for the gaming community.  This year I decided that I could use a portable paint organizer so I can easily take my paints anywhere in the house. He had several different sizes from Privateer Press to GW to the dropper bottles that a few companies use.  This will be handy for me to be able to move about the house with my paints and still be by my wife.

Next up I picked up a scoreboard for 40k so I stop picking up score or command point dice.  This tool is well made and easy to use.  The victory points go up to 100 and the command points go up to 10. I am debating painting it up.  Either way it will look nice.  I didn't catch who made it.  Sorry.

I spent some time digging around in the bits bins. I picked up a few miniatures that I needed to fill out squads.

I found an Nob to convert to nob with banner.

I found an intercessor and hellblaster so I can have 10 man squads or two 5 man squads without having to magnetizing heads.

I found 6 old style genestealers to make 10 total in that style and 40 total genestealers.

I also spent some time with a guy who is trying to get some funds together for something he calls Squad marks.  The Squad mark clips onto your model bases so you cna easily reconize which squad your model belongs too.  This really helps when you have large mobs running side by side or interspersed on the board.  They also have a magnetic token in the bottom to so it can help with transportation.  I should be getting some samples soon and I will have a full review soon.

Last up, is the big daddy, Forge World.  The first thing I picked up was the Imperial index and the space marine index so I can use my knight, vendettas, and new fire raptor.  once the rules were out of the way I picked up some MK IV helms so I don't have to make more molds for my Primarius marines. Finally I picked up a stone crusher carnifex.  I have wanted one of these ever since I started tyranids.  I am not sure why I never picked one up but the wait is over. 

Not a bad haul.  I have a few more models to paint as well as some tools to ease my wargaming life. I was a bit disappointed that some of the other MDF terrain studios were not there but if they were I don't I would have gotten carnifex or scoreboard so it all works out.

Questions? Comments? Nom nom noms!