Saturday, February 10, 2018

Promethium Rig Builder Diary - Day 1

Hi all!

As usual, hobby ADD has struck, and while I was waiting for things on the martian board to move along (read, I haven't bought any sand, so I can't sand the board, also I need glue - where is my shopping list?), so I decided to get to work on this monster.

A few days a huge package came in the mail!

Yes - I was excited. Soon a delicious smell of burning mdf filled the room.

What is it, you ask? A Promethium Rig from a Kickstarter run by Wargame Model Mods, a British Company.

The focus of the kickstarter was to allow the founder to source sufficiently strong tubes to support a variety of projects. As with most MDF terrain, it is simple to build cube or rectangular shapes, but more organic shapes are difficult to form.

The Final Thing assembled by someone else.

So I bit the bullet (WHY? WHERE WILL I PUT IT?) in order to build THIS. It's absolutely the coolest thing and something I've always wanted to build.  Also I did manage to avoid buying other mdf terrain, which he has a wide variety of (and looks pretty awesome. I can say I've played on some of his terrain at one of the two clubs I play at, and they're quite intricate and detailed.

Also, it's way cheaper than doing the same thing with the necromunda/sector mechanicum plastic terrain from Games Workshop.

Anyways, this is the first part of the build log. I started with the substantial directions (Yay printed, non PDF hidden on a website directions!)

The pile as it started, then I spent the evening focusing on the tower pieces.

Lesson learned - build as a group of four, THEN glue to bottom support. Also, don't forget ring first (why is it there? It doesn't block the bottom!)

Notice Blockade NOT reading / understanding the part about making sure the notches on the sides match the notches on the top piece. So instead of trying to pull the whole thing apart, I pulled out my flexible hand saw and just cut new ones. I may have to trim other pieces later, but learned from the first two for the second two.

Finally, all done!

Thoughts? Comments? Hopes for the Future? 

- Blockade

*Disclaimer - Not Provided as a freebie for review, etc, etc, etc. Nor do I have any other connection with the company**