Saturday, February 10, 2018

#Squaduary week 2: basic colors

#Squaduary week two progress is coming along nicely.  The main color, Caldor Sky is complete I am pondering how to paint the carapace on these stealers.

The 3rd edition version has some carapace over each arm with an exposed back.

The 5th edition version has little slivers of carapace coming from the spine with the rest being typical tyranid skin.

The Overkill version seems to have the whole back covered with carapaces with a few peekaboo windows exposing the softer flesh.

Before diving headlong into the next step I want to paint up some test models.  This way I can switch direction if needed.
The plan will be to have the carapace done by next week leaving the claws, teeth, highlighting, and basing for week 4+
Questions? Comments? Nom nom noms?