Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Summer Painting Challenge Update: Suppressors and Berzerkers, Oh My!

Blockade here, and definitely making some progress on my summer painting challenge.

Spindle Drones, Urghuls and Dark Mechanicum finished!

So I've managed to work my way through a good chunk of my 'front burner' back log. (It's helped that I've been home sick from school with no voice) List first, pictures second. If it's crossed out, it's finished!
Here's the current list. 
Unfinished:   61 (ish)
Finished: 27
  • Atalan Bikers (5 bike squad) + Atalan Jackal (Oops!)
  • Goliath Tank & Crew
  • Black Templar Suppressors (3)
  • Black Templar Phobus Armor LT (1 model - received and built)
  • Adventurers from Blackstone Fortress (5 Models) > 3 built
  • Renegade Guard - Blackstone Fortress (7 models)
  • Beastmen - Blackstone Fortress (4 Models)
  • Rogue Psykers - Blackstone Fortress (2 Models)
  •  Dark Mechanicum - Blackstone Fortress (4 models)
  • Drones - Blackstone Fortress (4 models)
  • Urguls - Blackstone Fortress (4 models)
  • Familiars (4 - two chaos two GSC)
  • Two Squads of Ten Vostroyan Guard including heavy weapon bases.
  • Four man command squad (Flamer, Medic, Comms and Grenade Launcher)
  • Two Vostroyan Snipers
  • Oh, and whatever is left from the Alpha legion list (2 Oblits, Master of Possession, and 2 Greater Possessed)(5 additional Khorne Berzerkers)
Picture Time!

Almost finished.

Almost Finished.

All Done!

You can tell this is a grey knights kitbash - funds are still low but as they're alpha legion, I figure they steal what they can and reuse it - plus it's great camouflage.

All ten AL berzerkers now.

Thanks for looking! C&C always appreciated!