Friday, June 7, 2019

Sister of Battle

I had some time to paint one of the Sisters of Battle metal models.  The painting went really quick and while it is not my best painted model I think it is a good rank and file model.

The model is an older metal model.  The level of detail pales in comparison to today's plastics.  I am looking forward to the new models but it won't hurt having a few of these around.  It will help with the pocket book since I will be collecting from the ground up.

I like how the yellow looks over the metallic silver base.  With the new contrast paints coming out I wonder if they will have a similar or better effect.  I have watched a lot of reviews but have yet seen them used over metallic paint.

With one done I will move onto the rest of the squad.  I broke up the ten into two groups of five.  This way I can control burn out. I am eager for the new sets to come out.  I am hoping for a box set like tooth and claw or a battleforce.  I just might try to wait till December to see if there is a battleforce for them.  It will save me a ton of money if they do.

Have a great weekend.

Questions? Comments?  Lets GO BLUES!!!