Friday, June 28, 2019

Kill Team Rogue Trader finished!

Greetings! The Summer Paint Challenge continues! What's been finished? Lots! Read on to see more.

I've worked my way through all of the Rogue Trader kill team group that's been sitting on my workbench for quite a while, and managed to finish up most of the baddies from the Blackstone fortress kit as well. Some other odds and ends finished up means this is the current done list.

Here's the current list. 
Unfinished:   63 (ish)
Finished: 46
  • Atalan Bikers (5 bike squad) + Atalan Jackal (Oops!)
  • Goliath Tank & Crew
  • Black Templar Suppressors (3)
  • Black Templar Phobus Armor LT (1 model - received and built)
  • Adventurers from Blackstone Fortress (2 Models (Ratling Twins Remain) > 7 built
  • Renegade Guard - Blackstone Fortress (7 models)
  • Beastmen - Blackstone Fortress (4 Models)
  • Rogue Psykers - Blackstone Fortress (2 Models)
  • Rogue Trader Characters (4 of them, including the doggie)
  •  Dark Mechanicum - Blackstone Fortress (4 models)
  • Drones - Blackstone Fortress (4 models)
  • Urguls - Blackstone Fortress (4 models)
  • Familiars (4 - two chaos two GSC)
  • Two Squads of Ten Vostroyan Guard including heavy weapon bases.
  • Four man command squad (Flamer, Medic, Comms and Grenade Launcher)
  • Two Vostroyan Snipers
  • Oh, and whatever is left from the Alpha legion list (2 Oblits, Master of Possession, and 2 Greater Possessed)(5 additional Khorne Berzerkers)
  • Eleven Black Templar Crusaders
  • Black Templar Apothecary
Making good progress - the goal was to finish all this by the end of June, which isn't practical (even with the Black Templars being mostly done also) so I'll be happy with finishing 50+ models by end of June and aiming for the rest by the end of July. I'm working July so that will be more difficult but I'm noticing a big drop in what's left to do. Enough with the talking, on to pictures!