Saturday, June 8, 2019

Finished Squad of Sisters

After finishing one Sister of battle I felt like I needed to finish one small squad.  I had some time on Saturday and I got to work.  This will be picture heavy.

 First off, we have a Sargent with chainsword and plasma pistol. I think this is the only sister I have showing her corset.  They really liked using the bolters to hide the midsections of these sisters. I painted the plasma my usual blue.

After the Sargent came a couple with out helmets.   While not perfect I am happy with the faces.

My chapter will all have dark brown hair.  This is in homage to my wife. Luv ya muffin.

The last one is a copy of the model I painted first. Not much difference here.

I was happy with how quickly they came together.  I am not sure if it is the model or my painting that seems like they are less detailed than other model.  Either way I am happy with them and I am slowly working though my painting log.

I don't expect much to get done tomorrow.  Game 6 is tomorrow night and I am going.  I am so excited!

Questions? Comments? LETS GO BLUES!!

ps don't worry the last game is either tomorrow or Wednesday.  Then we will be back to our miniature only blog post1