Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Store Review: Magelings Games

This weekend my wife and I headed to Columbia, MO for a Weird Al concert. The next day we had some time to kill and I suggested going to a local game shop. Being the awesome and supportive wife she is, she agreed.

I am always curious about other people's Friendly Local Game Store (FLGS) I always compare them to the places I call home.  I think it interesting to see other players FLGS.  Do they have play space? Do they have decent terrain? Do they run events? It is also handy to know about what stores are around when you travel. I guess going to game shops is just another aspect of my hobby life.

Magelings Games is a small store in Columbia, MO.  They have a wide selection of GW stock as well as other games like Magic the Gathering and a plethora of board games. They had multiple tables in the main part of the store for I assume card and board games and a backroom setup for table top wargames. 

The store was running a 40k Tournament that day. I was able to stick my head in to see their setup.  I saw at least 4 tables with maybe some room for more. The terrain looked like typical tournament coverage: not too much but not planet bowling ball either.  It looked like your standard small town tournament. I didn't want to interrupt so I didn't take pictures.  I did see two of the Necron Superheavy c'tan models painted in a bright shiny chrome. TWO!

The highlight of the store was the boxes of secondhand GW miniatures. One of the great pleasures of going to any convention is the guy with totes upon totes of secondhand miniatures.  He was at Adepticon, Nova Open, and Vegas Open and I dug through those totes looking for miniatures for conversion or just to fill a hole in an army.  Magelings Games have their own version of this.  There were five or six 40k totes and three to four fantasy ones with a few other boxes and models sitting out.

my recent additions

I am unsure how much money this make the store but it makes me so happy.  I think it is an awesome service for the community.  It is sort of like selling Magic singles.  While it might hurt a few sales of the product on the shelf, it allows the customer feel like they are getting a deal and if they don't find what they are looking for maybe they will buy it off the shelf.

hidden away in the back corner

The only problem I had with the store is not really their fault.  Their location is a bit difficult to find and even with GPS if you didn't know what you were looking for you would miss it.  While their name is on the sign it blended in with the music shop sign above theirs. I am unsure what the store could do to make it easier to find but once I found it I was very pleased.

what you see when you come down the hill.  it is on the right way back there

Magelings Games is a great little store.  The staff was friendly and they had a great selection.  I might have to make a trip back out here some day to get another look at those bins.

Magelings Games can be found at:
1906 N Providence Rd
Columbia, MO 65202

Look for the store on the lower level around the back.

Questions? Comments? bins and bins of minis!