Thursday, June 28, 2018

Showcase: Kastelan Robot

A couple of posts ago I shown my Kastelan robot almost finished.  Today I have the the completed model.

For my first set of robots I used the head from Wargame Exclusive.  I, like many others, do not like the stock head for the robots.  I was tempted to get more heads from Wargame Exclusive but I saw some alternate heads on Shapeways that I wanted to try out.

These heads give the robots a look and feel like the Castellax from Forgeworld. While the head fit there are a few things that could have done better to make the piece fit better.  The print has notches that look like they were made to fit the model but there is nothing on the model that corresponds to those notches.  In the end with a little finagling I got the head to sit where I wanted it to and I think it looks pretty good.

Since the first set of robots are gunbots, I decided that I wanted the option to have a powerfist version just in case I want to run them in that configuration.  This was a simple conversion with a magnet in each fist and a magnet in the arm.  Easily done.

With this guy completed I can move on to my Blood Sisters and other projects that are on my table.

Questions? Comments? Choom choom chooms!