Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Lieutenants, Robots, and Magnets Oh My!

I have been busy this last week but I haven't completed anything. I have been working on my Blood sisters, Kastelan Robot and Primaris Lieutenant. Today I have a few pictures of what I have been working on.
Fist up is the Lieutenant.  I like how quickly these marines shape up.  This guy is a few touchups away.  I need to paint his eyes for starters.

The robot was a bit more difficult.  I still have the hoses to paint and I want to highlight the brass a bit.

I made sure to magnetize the arms to so if I ever want to run robots with a fist or use the flamer it is an option.

Usually I build, magnetize, and paints units together but for some reason I build these one at a time.  I plan on finishing these up then the blood sisters and hive guard before turning to any other projects

Let me know what you think

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