Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Showcase: Hag Queen


Along with the Cauldron, I also found time to paint my hag queen.

Unlike the Slaughter Queen I don't have a cool third party model to substitute for the normal GW model.  I just painted up the one from the Cauldron box set.

I used a bit of Blood for the Blood God to paint the blood in the chalice and to leave a trace on her lower lip.  I again am happy on how it turned out.

This model is not counted in my league since the goal was one hero but it is nice to have the option to use her if I decide I need her buffs.

With here finished I can move on to my other projects. I have the Raptor (still! ugh) a squad of hive guard, several Primaris, the second Armiger, and of course I  could start on my next task, mofe blood sisters. Still plenty for me to work on.

Questions? Comments? Hissssssss!