Wednesday, October 31, 2012

WIP Wednesday...

This weekend I painted up some Tau and Termaguants.  I also bought a few Raveners and started to paint them up.  I am trying a new painting method on my Nids. but first here are some pics of my painted tau.


Next are some pictures of my nids.

 The one on the left was done with a black GW base coat and the one on the right was done with a green Krylon spray paint.  I think they both turned out decent.  The big difference is the amount of paint I had to use on the green armor. The one on the left I had to cover the base coat with a base paint which can take a couple of coats and then I add the scorpion green in 3-4 coats and then a highlight. On the right I have the base coat, then 1-2 coats of scorpion green and a highlight.  My worry is that the spray paint base coat will won't lay evenly or smoothly.  After this test I have decided to take the testing to the next level with the raveners.  here is what they look like currently.

I will probably put some more paint on these guys this week so I will have some comparison photos.

Happy Halloween everyone!