Friday, October 5, 2012

Chaos Cometh! And what I am reading.

So this weekend is the dawn of the new age of Chaos Space Marines.I am tempted to get this model for my Iron Warrior's War Smith.  I must resist.  I think if I ever try to finish my iron warrior army it will have a very non chaos feel.  this means no psychic powers, no icons, no gifts.  So pretty much all the cool stuff in the new codex will not be in my army. I think this is why I am so against working on the army.

I just finished the 3rd Book of the Horus Heresy.  I am very sad. After that ending I don't want to read anymore.  The only character I like left is Garro and I can't think he will survive the next book.  I know this is the grim dark future but why is everyone so unlikable. I read the Grey Knight books and the sister of battle books and both those series have Good Guys.  When I read the Horus Heresy all I see is varying degrees of evil (Except for the handful that got written off) 

After reading about Istavan III, I so want to make a loyalist force of luna wolves with Vipus, Loken, and Tarik. Heck I would even throw in the emperor children's captain Tarvitz.  These guys made the book readable.... who is left?  No one. Grrrrrrrr.

So I am taking another break from 40k novels.  I have started to read One Day on Mars by Travis Taylor.  So far it is a pretty interesting story.  If I like it I will finish the Tau Ceti Series and then it will be time for the last Wheel of Time book.  After that maybe I will return to the Horus Heresy... Stupid Space Marines!

That is all I got today. Sorry about the rant.  This weekend is the monthy 40k tourney at Fantasy books and Games I will bring out my Nids to do some nom nom noming.

Have a good one!