Monday, October 22, 2012

40k Fun this weekend!

This weekend was a 40K extravaganza.  I had a Rogue Trader Tournament on Sat which I went 1-2 due to a guy claiming not to have read the FAQ and me leaving that FAQ in my car T.T and Sunday was the 15K Apocolypse game where I got to use my Stormsword.

Blood Angels and Ultramarines coming down on the left flank

2 suicide Salamander Drop pods with Multi-melta Dreads coming after my tanks... with some help from the Wolves on the right.
Some raven wing blasting up the middle with some support from the Fortress of Redemption... I blew up the center for that thing :)

And the rest of the imperial forces holding their ground waiting to wreck some face.

Stu'E Khan sent me this photo  giving you a great view of what my tank commanders saw after the top of 1

It was a good time.  With all apoc games some armies seem to die quicker than others.  I feel bad for the players whose stuff dies on turn 1.  I have had this happen to me on a few different occasions. but it was nice to be ignored most of the game.  That way I was left unhindered to keep shooing at those dang marines >_<

There has been talk about the next game.  It sounds like it will be a marine vs nid game.  I am fearful that the nids will not do well due to the open ground and lack of cover.  We shall see.  I definately need to get my damaged nids back together and my baby mommas painted as well as my flying tyrant.  Although if we stick to 15k and I have 2500 points I could just take my 1850 list and add my Heriodule and I am good to go >_<  I am just oging to put it out there.  If any marine player would like to borrow my baneblade I will be happy to lend it to them.  No strings attached.  Heck I should even be finished painting it by then. 

Happy Monday all.